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Jennifer Barnes-Balenciaga
Jennifer Barnes Balenciaga.jpg

A revolutionary woman of the trans experience who has dedicated her life to working to ensure the meaningful advancement of gender equity and inclusion for all people of the trans experience as well as inclusive information and lessons concerning HIV Advocacy. Barnes-Balenciaga, a 10 year resident of the City of Atlanta, current Co-Director of Crystal LaBeija Organizing Fellowship and LGBTQ Liaison for State Representative Park Cannon, hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and holds numerous organizational and committee affiliations, including Social Media committee chair for Sankofa Black Women’s Conference & the illustrious House of Balenciaga, a leading institution in the House and Ballroom Scene. Ballroom leadership with House Lives Matters lead to an opportunity to film with mainstream show POSE on FX for not 1 but 2 features - a cameo on the actual show and a finale PSA on what it means to be a part of House Lives Matter’s Committee.

The Kiburi Awards will be given at the Cincy Black Pride Virtual Kickoff on Friday, June 26th 7:30PM - 10:00PM EST.

RSVP for the award presentation.

Jennifer is also featured in our pre-Pride Community Wellness Forum on Wednesday, June 17TH from 7:30PM - 9:00PM EST.

More details on the platform can be found on forum event page.

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