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Tim'm T. West
Tim'm West emcee.jpg

A celebrated poet and hip-hop artist, Tim’m West embraces the power of words to challenge ideas of masculinity and race. Beyond co-founding the groundbreaking Deep Dickollective (DDC), Tim’m breaks from tradition with Hip Hop by offering a brave and intersectional coming of age portrait. Tim’m enjoys faithful fan base who appreciates the expansive subject matter his work amplifies, such as sexism, environmentalism, homophobia, and the movement for black lives. Tim’m is featured in many award-winning hip-hop documentaries, including Alex Hinton’s Pick Up the Mic, Bryon Hurt’s Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, and Mario Van Peebles’ Bring Your ‘A’ Game. A mobilizer of artists, Tim’m founded The Front Porch in 2004, a performance art series that continues to mobilize hundreds of artists. Tim’m’s creative work as an artist is broadly impacting, having co-founded Brave Soul Collective, the Black Alphabet Film Festival, and being a pivotal artist in showcases like Queer, and Ill and Okay. Shamelessly choosing not to choose Hip Hop over poetry or other mediums, Tim’m shatters the mold of what it means to be a poet and hip-hop artist.

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