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Spirit McIntyre

Spirit McIntyre (pronouns: spirit/they/them), is a Cellist, Vocalist, Lyricist, Wellness Advocate, and Sound Healer, who has used their gender identity, musicianship, empowerment practices, and Reiki to uplift Black & Brown LGBTQ and Women’s communities for the past ten years. Spirit’s reputation for honesty, compassion, and accountability allows for deeply transformative healing to be a through-line in all of their performance and advocacy work. They learned the importance of naming Black women’s labor and creativity as artistry while producing the Black Women’s Arts Festival in Philadelphia, PA from 2006-10 and have been intentionally empowering historically undervalued communities, community artisans, and community members ever since. Spirit McIntyre (Spirit/They/Them) Spirit believes in the power of breath, creating intention-based relationships, honoring lovability, being seen/seeing, and growing compassionately through tight places to find authentic connection. They use their voice and cello to seamlessly blend: Blues, Soul, Folk, Classical, Reggae and Middle Eastern sounds into an unforgettable musical landscape.

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