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DJ Rah D

"Music is the universal language, it brings people closer together."

-Ella Fitzgerald


Rah D grew up in Motown Detroit, also recognized as the origin of techno music. Her appreciation for varied sounds stems from a young Rah, nodding to a local radio station playing uncut tracks from jazz, funk, hip hop, deep house, and r&b. That type of exposure to different genres inspired this music and food junkie. Her blend of nostalgic hip hop, funk, and the throwback gems found in her collection crates, create a recipe of rich sultry house blends that she describes as her “secret sauce.”

 Rah D has had the pleasure of working with several women-owned businesses, curating social and corporate events for venues such as; Kaze, Revel OTR, Platform Beer Co., Holiday Spirits, ARTS OTA, as well as collaborating on high-vibrational non-profit events and LGBTQIA art exhibits.


Check out Rah's latest mix created for The City Flea (The original curated urban flea and makers market in Cincinnati, OH). Be sure to follow Rah D on all social media platforms for updates on events and tours.

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