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David Collins-White is a 28 yrs old Detroit native who was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He started singing at the age 5 yrs old, namely in church but quickly developed an interest in soul music icons such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Kim Burrell and others who continue to inspire his spunk for soul. He is now interested in creating community to both cultivate his own talent and unveil what he feels is an incredibly talented market in Cincinnati, but that often gets overlooked. Says David: "Music, I believe is just one of the ways to express individuality and raw talent. I’m Black, African American, and currently working with Lighthouse within our community to help make our city a better place for all marginalized groups." As co-curator of Cincy Soul Pops with Hip Hop artist Tim'm' West, David hopes to inspire an inclusive culture of music, poetry, and performance art that people all over the United States want to be a part of. Cincinnati's got Soul. Cincinnati's got talent. Cincy Soul Pops.

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