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Grown & Sexy DJs

Our Special DJ LineUp

Our pandemic lockdown actually offers some of our favorite DJs in Cincinnati a unique opportunity to virtually be in multiple places over the Pride weekend at the same time. What we hope to present is a sort of deejay marathon, starting on Thursday after the film festival, Friday night after the Vizazi Awards, starting up again on Saturday and finishing off with a Sunday Tea Dance:







THURSDAY • JUNE 25, 2020

DJ Kaotic's Grown & Sexy Set after the Black Alphabet Film Festival

FRIDAY • JUNE 26, 2020

Generations:  60s, 70s, 80s, 90s classics, an "anything goes" set,

capping off with an African dance/Caribbean swirl

Live from GOODS on Main

SATURDAY • JUNE 27, 2020

Think... hardcore, tribal, beats, Octagon style vibes.

SUNDAY • JUNE 28, 2020

The Tra La La Set:  jazz and classics, to spiritual house and

more eclectic music with underground soulful house. 




Rah D


Fred Pierce

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