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October 5th - 7th

Saturday, October 6, 2018 between 5pm - 8pm will mark a monumental collaboration between two native-born artists who’ve made their marks in the world of Hip Hop and Visual Art, respectively.

Tim’m West’s forthcoming Prodigal Son (An Anthology) captures nearly two decades of his music as an independent Hip Hop artist and scholar who was first celebrated as a co-founder of the pioneering DDC--a pioneering queer Hip Hop group who travelled internationally and were most prominently featured in the critically acclaimed documentary “Pick Up The Mic” by Alex Hinton. Tim’m’s release party will notably feature Derrick’s Bell’s first art show in Cincinnati: Lost Boy Found. Derrick also critically inspired the cover of Prodigal Son-- the imagery of a chubby face Cincinnati kid in OTR in the 70s crowned as marker of his prophetic return to the city as a King.

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